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    OutThere can create and implement your internal L&D strategy

    Our training sessions/workshops can be delivered in webinar format, classroom style or if you really want to be OutThere we can deliver 2-5 day sessions in a field! Glamping Style with amazing food and a campfire.

    Learning design and delivery can often require a blended approach from face-to-face to digital, social, collaborative and 1-2-1 coaching.

    Our starting point is a “Skills Gap Analysis” commonly known as “Training Needs Analysis”

    Our focus is to identify skills gaps within an organisation. The ultimate objective is to establish both current and future capability needs of the business and its employees.

    Our ideal outcome is to develop and deliver suitable training to fulfil each and every skills gap.

    What is Learning & Development?

    Learning and development, a subset of HR, often called training or training & development, forms part of an organisation’s talent management strategy.

    Its’ sole purpose is the continuous improvement of team and individuals performance and development by increasing and honing skills and knowledge, with the ultimate goal of aligning team and individuals performance against the organisation’s overall objective.

    Why Invest in Learning & Development?

    Learning & Development will impact the overall profit and productivity of any organisation. It has a domino effect; leaders feel competent and can efficiently influence employee performance.

    Employees who are inspired, motivated and receive personal development that understand their employers business expectations will perform better. New knowledge, shared internally will see employee turnover and absence rates reduce whilst productivity and commitment goes through the roof.

    Why is Learning & Development important for your employees?

    Learning & Development is the space to nurture and develop your businesses greatest assets – your people and employees. Investing in Learning & Development will ensure personal growth, drive engagement and ensure optimum productivity.

    An example of our most popular training provisions are listed below:

    Empower your leaders to recognise Mental Health in the Workplace

    Educate your leaders to recognise the common mental health issues affecting employees in the workplace today. Our modules include:

    • Understanding mental health as a whole.
    • Common mental health problems.
    • The knock-on effects of mental health at work (performance, motivation, impact on the business).
    • Workplace cultures and the impact on mental health.
    • Promoting positive mental health and implement Wellness Action Plans (WAP’s).
    • Law, regulations and stigma.
    • Collaboration and awareness.
    • Being a “mindful” employer.

    Educate your leaders on H&S/Occupational Health in the Workplace

    Educate your leaders to understand the processes surrounding H&S/Occupational Health in the Workplace. Our modules include:

    • Absence Management – including effective Return to Work Interviews.
    • Laws and Regulation Compliance.
    • Recognising the difference between Work Related Ill Health and Non Work Related Ill Health.
    • The Problems of Presenteeism in the Workplace.
    • What it takes to become a “healthy” employer.

    The OutThere Financial Wellbeing Programme

    The OutThere Health & Wellbeing Team can deliver a Financial Wellbeing Programme intended to educate employees in a number of ways from courses on managing income to signposting for advice and financial counselling. This education module is not just designed to support employees beginning their career path,  it can help anyone improve their financial wellbeing by creating good money management skills and savings habits. Topics range from general money management, managing debt and improving credit scores, through to saving for the short, medium and long term.

    Stereotypically, there are certain industries and job roles that are more prone to financial wellbeing issues. We work together to ensure employees understand their financial behaviours and how it affects both themselves and those around them. We look at habitual spending and most importantly how to deal with the overpowering expectations of working in a competitive environment.

    Contact OutThere for your Employee L&D Strategy

    If the talent within your organisation needs a refresh and you’re striving to become an “Elite Employer” then look no further. Pricing can be provided following a discovery call around your L&D Strategy and a detailed skills gap analysis. 

    Alternatively help is at hand for adhoc training and delivery.

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