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Whether you require staff recruitment, talent development or are looking to implement cultural change within your organisation, when you outsource your HR responsibilities to us, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that we are guiding you through it, while keeping you safe in the eyes of the law.
HR support services for small businesses
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    OutThere provide fully outsourced HR support services

    OutThere can provide outsourced HR support for all businesses great and small. Working with new start-ups right through to large corporate clients and charities, we can manage your HR practices and solve your people problems.

    From securing first class employees to learning the best way to let others go (and all the HR processes in between), our HR Consultants can share their expertise as and when you need it.

    How much help you require is totally up to you. We’ll work with your budget and timeline to support you to solve those HR challenges, delivered in a way that works best for your business.

    What makes us unique and sets us apart from our competition is our people and our culture, but the services that we offer are pretty special too. These services include:

    What is HR support?

    Have you got the time (or the inclination) to stay on top of ever changing employment legislations and retention policies in order to manage your HR requirements efficiently? Or would you prefer to be doing what you do best – managing your business effectively?

    In fact, right now HR has never been more complex! Due to Covid 19, an increasing number of staff members are now choosing to work from home, social distancing rules have been put in place and flexible working patterns are being encouraged. And this is on top of the usual people-related demands of a workforce, red tape and employee paperwork!

    So if you want to free up your time in order to concentrate on your core business then OutThere can offer you HR support.

    From attracting and hiring employees, to helping staff to settle in through training, coaching and development, we can help you set business goals and provide timely feedback.

    We can also show you how to retain good talent through personal development and employee recognition and, should a staff member leave, we can guide you through the proper procedures and documentation as part of the separation process.

    If you require immediate expert HR advice, flexible or trained HR support or assistance in creating a fully integrated HR strategy; then OutThere can support, implement and safeguard your business.

    After all, HR needn’t be complicated when you have us on board!

    How can HR support a growing business?

    Professional HR support plays an essential role in supporting businesses to understand how to manage and develop their expanding team, while retaining and honing the core values that aided your business’ growth in the first place.

    Your company strategy and vision needs communicating and instilling into the organisational culture. In a nutshell, you need your people to be the very best they can be!

    But, people have feelings, emotions and needs of their own. If you want your employees to buy into your corporate culture and help it grow further, then you need to motivate, support and show your staff that the possibilities for both personal and business growth are endless.

    OutThere can provide you with a host of health and wellbeing programmes that can create a working environment that your employees will thrive in. On top of that, we can also identify skills gaps within your organisation to establish both current and future capability needs.

    Your people and employees are your biggest asset, so investing in their learning and development will not only ensure personal growth and drive engagement for them, but will result in optimum productivity for you.

    At OutThere we provide the necessary guidance, tools and support to help growing businesses implement real change within their organisations.

    Bespoke and customised HR advice

    At OutThere we offer and deliver custom-made, personalised HR services, that reflect the unique company cultures of our clients.

    The benefits of a bespoke support HR service so as ours means that we can offer companies:

    1. HR expertise

    Our individual HR experience enables us to assist our clients in getting to grips with a broad range of HR policies and business needs. This unique in-depth knowledge makes OutThere the ideal partner to assist business owners seeking to understand everything from employee health and wellbeing to employment law.

    2. Cost savings

    Many companies cannot afford a dedicated in-house HR team. That is where we come in, by providing the skills you need without having to hire a full time employee. You pay only for the services you require when you need them, without the worry of a permanent financial commitment.

    3. Time savings

    Regardless of the size of your business – big or small, experienced or just starting out – we can easily adapt to suit your needs. And because we already know the best practices, we can quickly identify inefficiencies and spot skill gaps in order to recommend the right solutions, saving you precious time.

    So if you want access to the very best talent in Human Resources, Executive Search, Recruitment Process Management, Employee Health & Wellbeing, Learning & Development and Health & Safety, then look no further than OutThere…

    Online HR support or in-person

    At OutThere we can partner with you both on-site and remotely – whatever combination suits your business best.

    Through an initial consultation, we will gain a thorough understanding of your business and its operations. During this process, we will work alongside you to determine how our services can be best utilised within your organisation.

    For example, for larger companies (with a headcount exceeding 50), we find that our fully outsourced HR department works best. For a monthly retainer, we can deliver an HR strategy against an ongoing business and people plan, and provide you with access to a team of expert HR Consultants.

    Whereas, for small companies and start-ups you may prefer the flexibility that our ad hoc HR Consultant services bring. We can work together to develop your internal processes and policies and manage all of the employee relations on your behalf.

    Whilst a lot of what we do now can be done online (such as training and HR advice), when it comes to making tough business decisions or managing sensitive employment issues, our HR Consultants can be available to give you expert support in person, at your workplace too. So what are you waiting for?

    How outsourcing HR can support your small business

    As a small business owner, we are betting that human resources commonly sit at the bottom of your to do list! This is because you are unlikely to have the ability, understanding, or capacity to manage them all.  At OutThere, we have the resources to take your HR responsibilities off of your hands and safely into ours.

    There are a number of ways in which our HR outsourcing can support small businesses such as yours. Through advising on day-to-day HR duties – such as employment law or health and safety regulations – to maintaining employee records and conducting administrative tasks on your behalf.

    OutThere gives you peace of mind and HR advice on how to manage your HR policies, because getting it right from the outset will ensure no expensive repercussions in the future.

    Our HR Consultants can take you through a checklist covering every eventuality, from an employee contract to an employment tribunal.

    Why do businesses need HR support?

    Most businesses employ an accountant to look after their finances effectively and take out insurance policies to protect their business. Why then, would you not employ HR support to help look after and safeguard you most valuable assets…your employees?

    People often refer to HR as the department that simply takes care of the hiring and firing of employees. Whilst this is a part of what HR can offer, at OutThere we can deliver so much more:

    Review your HR policies

    Your HR policies need to be dynamic, not static, so if your are in need of some serious revision to address your organisation’s ever evolving missions, goals, legislations and and changing workforce trends, then let OutThere assist.

    How much does our outsourced HR department cost?

    All of our Consultants are experts in HR outsourcing and provide an exceptional and dependable outsourced HR service to hundreds of organisations, large and small across the country.

    As your HR service partner, we can tailor-make the perfect package to suit your business; from HR fundamentals to on-call HR advice and guidance.

    Whether it is a bespoke retainer package, or an ad hoc HR project, we can help you to develop a high-performing team of happy, fulfilled individuals, where outputs are aligned to the goals and values of your organisation.

    Outsourcing your HR function will undoubtedly save you time and money in the long run. Please get in touch, call or complete our contact form to find out how we can support your business with our outsourcing services.

    Read our customer reviews about our HR services

    We have a reputation for being one of the South’s leading RPO companies. But don’t just take our word for it – why not read some of our wonderful reviews.

    At OutThere we take client feedback very seriously and would love it if you could give us a Google Review or Facebook Recommendation.

    Book a free HR consultation with OutThere

    Please get in touch with us today to find out more about the outsourced HR services we offer. We promise your email won’t go into the inbox abyss and you won’t find any robots at the end of the phone.

    Please get in touch, call or complete our contact form for a free consultation, and our team of HR experts will be in touch shortly.


    HR Consultants, such as OutThere, are professionals hired externally to guide, advise and solve the human resource-related needs of a business. It is the HR Consultant’s role to ensure that their clients are well-versed in HR best practice and to help them deal effectively with difficult situations. They will also assist them in consciously growing their business by attracting and retaining the right people.
    Some HR Consultants will charge a fixed fee for their services, however, a great HR Consultant should take the time to understand your business needs and objectives beforehand. This way they can create a bespoke package that solves your HR dilemmas and ensures that your business and employee strategies are aligned.

    HR can be an important partner in determining what aspects of the organisation need addressing moving forward, who will be impacted and how, and what actions will be required to ensure success.

    HR support assists in helping employees engage with culture change and can check that companies are operating using correct policies, legislations and within employment law.

    HR support can provide guidance to line managers on the development and introduction of policies and procedures concerned with effective employee management. They can recommend best practice, and provide technical advice regarding legislation and regulation within the field of employment law. This might include advice on managing the recruitment of employees, taking into consideration the critical importance of avoiding any form of discrimination and also ensuring fairness and transparency throughout the recruitment process. HR support can help line managers and employees manage practical issues such as learning and development, which are tailored to the individual style of the employee, as well as the long-term goals and strategies of the organisation.
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