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    Outsourced HR Solutions

    Is it time you considered your HR and People Strategy?

    If you require immediate HR advice, flexible or retained HR support, or a fully outsourced Team of HR Experts to design and deliver your HR Strategy, we have everything you need to achieve those business objectives.

    From securing employees to letting them go and all the transactional HR processes in between, our HR Consultants can share their expertise as and when you need it.

    The OutThere team are not just transactional – we are transformational. Scaling a business up or down can be a difficult task as a business owner/leader, but we are experts at organisational restructure and can take the pain away with a very straight forward and methodical approach.

    The Employee Lifecycle Audit

    What does The Employee Lifecycle Audit look like at OutThere?

    It can last around a day and identifies…

    • HR – What support levels are required. Are your leaders equipped and where can HR add value?
    • Individuals – professional development | current leadership skills versus a core competencies skills matrix
    • Recruitment – Employer Brand | Recruitment Strategy | establishing future recruitment volumes and process
    • Employee Lifecycle & Engagement – candidate attraction | onboarding | retention | reward and recognition

    We cover “The basics” (Transactional)

    Exploring all HR documentation with a fine-tooth comb. Typically, this includes:

    • Contract of Employment, Employee Handbook and Employee Lifecycle template documentation
    • Review of HR Software
    • Spot checking employee files to establish compliance levels

    We cover “The Fun Stuff” (Transformational)

    1-2-1 sessions with Business Owners | Directors | Line Managers | New Starters.

    The purpose of the sessions is ultimately to establish every element of the Employee Lifecycle and where, as a HR Partner we can add value. A project list is then established and paired with its priority levels. Each session can last up to an hour, preferably back-to-back to ensure consistency and effective time management.

    Our HR Audit is ideal for… organisations looking to outsource their HR or upgrade their existing HR function.

    The HR Sounding Board

    What does The HR Sounding Board/Helpdesk look like at OutThere?

    12 month partnerships

    It is a 12-month partnership giving you… direct access to a panel of talented HR Consultants who fully understand your business and your objectives – It’s all in the title.

    Our HR Sounding Board is the space to vent, discuss your employee relations matters, internal polices and is your lifeline to sense check anything you need in a hurry. Giving you total confidence that you are working in line with current legislation and best practice.

    With this service you can also flex up with additional support for on-site/virtual attendance at Grievance/Disciplinary/Capability and Performance Management meetings and we provide unlimited access to our Employee Lifecycle Document Library.

    Our HR Sounding Board/HR Helpdesk is NOT… a faceless service of random professionals that have no visibility of your business or company culture/values. We can guarantee this by conducting an Employee Lifecycle Audit in advance of engaging.

    Our HR Sounding Board/HR Helpdesk is ideal for… organisations that have employees and zero or minimal HR presence.

    The Fully Outsourced HR Department

    What does The Fully Outsourced HR Department look like at OutThere?

    It is a 12-month partnership giving you… a dedicated HR Team. Your very own fully outsourced HR department, delivering an HR Strategy against an ongoing business/people plan whilst working to a pre-agreed project list ascertained at the Employee Lifecycle Audit. 

    We partner both on-site and remotely. Whatever combination suits your business and your culture. We provide your leaders with instant access to an experienced team of HR Consultants and will deliver everything you would expect from a fully integrated HR department. We ensure your Employee Lifecycle is on-point with the ultimate objective of helping you achieving Elite Employer status.

    Partnering with OutThere allows you to access HR talent that can support with all aspects of the employee lifecycle. You can pick and choose from any level of HR professional, Internal Recruiter, Employee Health & Wellbeing, Learning & Development and Health & Safety professional, for an appropriate and agreed monthly retainer.

    Our Fully Outsourced HR Department is NOT… a reactive, transactional HR Team. Our mission is to partner only with companies that strive for Elite Employer status.

    Our Fully Outsourced HR Department is ideal for… organisations that wish to explore and improve upon your existing employee lifecycle experience.

    Employee Relations Management

    By employing staff you have a duty and responsibility for them. Dealing with Employee Relations is a necessity yet can often take valuable time and productivity from key employees. It’s not just the basics (having legally compliant contracts and documentation in place);

    We provide ad hoc assistance, advice or a fully outsourced Employee Relations Management Team. We can work together to develop your internal processes and policies and manage all of the employee relations on your behalf.

     A week in the life of our Employee Relations Management team looks like this…

    • Revision of Employee Handbooks
    • On-boarding new hires (induction)
    • Capability and performance management discussions
    • Handling flexible working requests
    • Delivering disciplinary meetings
    • Handling grievance matters
    • Administering maternity, paternity and shared parental leave
    • Return to work and absence management reporting
    • Management advice and on-site HR presence

    Our Employee Relations Management Team is ideal for… organisations that have a headcount.

    Strategic HR/Business Partnering

    It is essential that both your business and HR strategies align. This will ensure success and give your business the competitive advantage. We partner with C-Level and Directors to create and implement HR strategies that work in harmony with your overall business goals. Strategic HR/Business Partnering is an Annual project piece that is mapped for the following year and reviewed monthly.

    Examples of Strategic HR activities include:

    • Organisation – Structure & Development
    • Change Management
    • Recruitment Strategy
    • Workforce & Succession Planning
    • Reward, Wellbeing, Employee Engagement
    • Skill Gaps Analysis – Learning & Development opportunities
    • Settlement Agreements

    Our Strategic HR/Business Partnering is ideal for… organisations of any size that believe in the planning!

    HR Administration

    The ghastly yet super important task of the evidenced paper trail.

    As an SME or micro business, this commonly sits at the bottom of your to do list. We have the resources to take HR Administration off of your hands. The HR Administration support you need is OutThere.

    Our HR Administration is… ideal for small business owners that wear all the “operational hats”.

    New Business - HR Starter Pack

    Generally business owners choose to set up because they are great at or passionate about something. We’ve set up a HR business so let’s work together. We can help you understand the HR do’s and don’ts for a new business start-up and provide you with all the template documentation you will need to get cracking.

    Getting it right from the outset will ensure no expensive repercussions in the future. Our HR Consultants take you through a checklist covering every eventuality for your Employee Handbook, Employment Policies and Contracts.

    Our New Business HR Starter Pack is ideal for… organisations embarking on a headcount growth plan that have no HR process or documentation.

    Employee Engagement

    Having explored the market for the best employee engagement tools; we discovered an Employee Engagement Survey which we found to be a game changer. Make your business more productive, profitable, and much easier to run. This is way more than a survey tool. Capture the intelligence embedded within your organisation, identify where your company stands and then take action and watch your employee engagement grow.

    Our Employee Engagement is ideal for… organisations who value their staff and employees.

    Psychometric Profiling

    In an age where hiring decisions must be justified, psychometric profiling contributes a key element of science to an interview process. This has often relied on ‘gut feel’ and synergies between a recruiter and interviewee. Personality profiling is common practice and those who use it believe it gives an objective overview of a candidate’s character, strengths, opportunities for development and working style.

    Our Psychometric Profiling is ideal for… organisations that don’t believe in “chancing it” when it comes to hiring.

    Exit Interviews

    If your current exit interview process is conducted by your internal HR or a business manager, then the task is a pointless one. The purpose of an exit interview is to establish true reasons for leaving and business improvement suggestions. These findings can be priceless. It has been proven that employees open up considerably more when the exit interview is conducted by a 3rd party.

    Our Exit Interviews are ideal for… organisations that see value in business improvement and learning from their leavers.

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