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    OutThere: C-level Executive Search Experts

    A company’s leadership team can make or break its culture, affect productivity and engagement levels, and significantly impact morale. Yet exceptional leaders can be challenging to locate and approach without prioritising precisely the right skills and resources.

    At OutThere, we have an extensive network and the knowledge and expertise required to facilitate your next executive search, and where better to start than the C-Suite:

    What does C-level stand for?

    C-level Executives (also referred to as C-Suite Executives) occupy the uppermost ranks of an organisation. The ‘C’ simply stands for ‘Chief’. These are the movers and shakers of the business world: senior executives with a track record of delivering success and growth.

    Whether an executive-level vacancy arises at a global leader or within medium-sized companies, it’s a hire that can attract a lot of scrutiny from internal employees, external contacts, competitors and even industry media publications.

    What is a C-level executive?

    Think CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Finance Officer) and COO (Chief Operating Officer), for example.

    These executive leadership team members may head up any area from Operations, HR to IT, Marketing or Finance. They are the top management tier and may have directors reporting to them depending on the company structure.

    In our experience, organisations are very aware of the high stakes involved in recruiting for these positions. After all, holders of such posts will need to make bold decisions and will have the power and influence to shape the company’s culture, goals, and ethics. In reality, only exceptional candidates adequately aligned to the company’s values and culture should be engaged.

    Why are C-level candidates difficult to find?

    Individuals occupying these high-ranking positions will usually work long hours and have many demands on their time given their high status. It’s also fair to say, few individuals within the talent pool have the required experience and capabilities, so it can feel like you’re fishing in a teeming sea but looking for one fabled catch!

    Unsurprisingly, C-level positions are notoriously challenging to recruit for, calling for a different approach to your average executive search.

    Hugely influential, often charismatic, these businessmen and women stand at the helm of your organisation. Winning candidates will usually need to wear many hats and possess many proven attributes – the wish list of desirable skills and qualities can go on and on.

    What competencies are needed in a C-level role?

    C-level executive candidates will combine proven ability and experience with the capability to lead effectively. Companies seeking professional individuals for these positions have high expectations given the responsibilities and rewards of these roles.

    Here are just some of the abilities usually sought at this level by employers and executive search firms alike:

    • Strategic thinkers
    • Exceptional communication skills at all levels
    • Proven experience in uniting teams behind strategic goals and department/company objectives
    • Powerful skills of persuasion and influence
    • An ability to marry insight and industry knowledge to aid future planning
    • Experience in navigating change and contingency planning
    • Effective delegation skills
    • An ability to embody the culture and values of the organisation
    • Ability to contribute to thought leadership and board-level discussions
    • An ability to be self-aware and continuously improve
    • Good commercial acumen and industry knowledge; this could include relevant trends in the global economy, technology or consumer behaviour or challenges relating to workplace diversity, resources, and future business growth.

    What is C-level executive support?

    Although C-level executives can be recruited for internally by your human resource department, it is ultimately more efficient and effective to employ the support of executive recruiters to do the hard work for you.

    With their extensive network of contacts and objectivity, executive search firms are experts in finding and recruiting top talent in specific industries that complement and add value to your existing management team.

    How do you recruit C-level employees?

    Before you take the plunge to discover who’s OutThere, it’s essential to ensure you have a robust search strategy in place. This is where the extensive knowledge and skills of an executive search firm such as OutThere really comes into its own.

    We can support your human resources department to ensure only the best candidates make it onto the shortlist and into your boardroom.

    Over the years, we have conducted many a C-Suite and board search for organisations, sourcing individuals who have gone on to deliver exceptional results. If you’d like to hear what our clients have to say about our services, take a look at our reviews.

    We have experience across all types of industries, from Financial Services and Private Equity firms to Hospitality and Manufacturing. More crucial still, is our understanding of these high-level candidates’ aspirations and motivations.

    Why choose OutThere for your C-Level recruiting solutions?

    Some executive search firms take a broad-brush approach. At OutThere, our executive recruiters will take the time to consider all the pertinent factors at play.

    We’ll delve deeper to get to grips with your company priorities and culture and the specific talent criteria for the role. Using our knowledge, extensive network and discretion, we will not only seek out talented candidates but will help you think more creatively about the process too.

    What does a C-Level Executive Search Process involve?

    Our proven search process involves several steps:

    • Profiling the hiring organisation
    • Profiling the model C-level Executive hire
    • Market/Talent mapping

    It’s an involved and analytical process that takes all sorts of factors into consideration, from the talent pool and structure of your competitors to the personality profile of your ideal candidate.

    You can find out more about what to expect from our comprehensive Executive Search Strategy here.

    Contact OutThere for your Executive Search Strategy

    Whether you have a C-Level post you’re seeking to fill, or you’d like to review your Senior Leadership Team, speak to us today – our discretion is always assured.

    The OutThere Executive Search team provide a trusted and confidential partner in any Senior Level Search, Succession Planning and Talent Mapping so that you can adequately plan for or adapt to organisational change. Pricing can be provided following a confidential discovery call to understand your requirements.


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