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employee health and wellbeing
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    Implementing an Employee Health & Wellbeing programme will position you as an “Elite Employer”

    Don’t be fooled! Employee Health & Wellbeing isn’t just about managing “mental health” in the workplace. It’s about looking at prevention methods, being proactive with wellbeing initiatives and creating the very best working environment for our employees to thrive in. When employers place Employee Health & Wellbeing at the centre of their business and view it as “vital”, it pays dividends. 

    Some alarming stats around Employee Health & Wellbeing

    • Recent surveys show that 1 in 5 adults take time off from work due to stress, costing employers £70-100 million per year.  A whopping 90% of those surveyed stated a totally different reason for absence, to avoid the stigma associated with stress and mental health in the workplace (MIND).
    • A quarter of employees surveyed went on to resign, due to stress at work (WHO).
    • In the UK, 1 in 7 people experience mental health issues in the workplace (WHO).
    • 73% of employees feel uncomfortable discussing their mental health and wellbeing issues with their line managers (WHO).

    Why Outsource your Employee Health & Wellbeing?

    It’s time to create your Employee Health & Wellbeing Strategy!

    Employee Health & Wellbeing/Employee Assistance Programmes are identified as one of the top three benefits for employees.

    In our experience the majority of Employee Health & Wellbeing issues stem from external factors. Internal being work related and external being caused from home life behaviours. Regardless of the factor being internal or external, they will all eventually manifest in the workplace and affect individual and team performance.

    The key is to create a positive and mindful workplace which will minimise internal factors and also provide a safe space/getaway from the pressures of external influence.

    We collate anonymous data to establish common patterns and trends within each workforce. We categorise using the following 8 dimensions:

    Physical Health | Stress | Anxiety | Depression | Grief | Paranoia | Addiction | Financial

    The data is priceless and allows us to recognise that some industry sectors/job roles require more support than others. The ultimate objective is always to create a happy, healthy and most importantly a productive workforce.

    If you require immediate advice, mental health awareness training, a mental health sounding board, or need an expert to create and implement your Employee Health & Wellbeing Strategy; then we have a team of experts on hand to assist and support you in becoming an “Elite Employer”.

    Mental Health Sounding Board

    Serviced by a team of qualified Mental Health First Aiders, we are able to support your business to achieve a healthy, happy and more productive workforce.

    We have an in-depth understanding of mental health, the factors that affect wellbeing and how to challenge the stigma surrounding it. We have the practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of a range of mental health issues and have the confidence to “step in” and reassure people in distress by using the Mental Health First Aid action plan.  By applying our experience and knowledge we can help and assist someone recover their health and sign post them to further support if necessary.

    Our Mental Health Sounding Board is ideal for…  any organisation that strives to be an “Elite Employer” and values the Health & Wellbeing of their employees.

    Fully Outsourced Employee Health & Wellbeing Consultants

    OutThere can design and deliver a creative “Employee Health & Wellbeing” programme which is reflective of your company culture and business objectives.

    A week in the life of our Employee Health & Wellbeing Consultants can be unpredictable and often looks like this:

    • Facilitation of “Mental Health Sounding Board”
    • Hosting onsite or virtual drop-in sessions
    • Deliver workshops on stress, work-life balance and mindfulness
    • Educate employees on wellbeing tools
    • Conduct “remote working” mental health assessments
    • Diarise frequent employee check-ins – prevalent to the home/remote working environment
    • Unbiased mediation between employee/colleagues/line managers
    • Host monthly manager forums to inspire and share knowledge
    • An anonymised summary of Health & Wellbeing matters categorised against internal (work) / external (personal) factors
    Our fully outsourced Employee Health & Wellbeing Consultant is ideal for… any organisation that strives to be an “Elite Employer” and truly believes that their employees are their greatest asset.

    Health & Wellbeing Training Provision - Empower your leaders to recognise Mental Health in the workplace.

    The starting point for any business is to educate our leaders to recognise the common mental health issues affecting employees in the workplace today. Our modules include:

    • Understanding mental health as a whole.
    • Common mental health problems.
    • The knock-on effects of mental health at work (performance, motivation, impact on the business).
    • Workplace cultures and the impact on mental health.
    • Promoting positive mental health and implement Wellness Action Plans (WAP’s).
    • Law, regulations and stigma.
    • Collaboration and awareness.
    • Being a “mindful” employer.

    Our Mental Health Training Provision – is ideal for  EVERY ORGANISATION!

    Some powerful “Employee Financial Wellbeing” stats...

    • 43% live hand to mouth, have a zero bank balance or live in an overdraft at month end
    • 7% said their employer offered face to face counselling and advice
    • 66% reported a drop in productivity due to financial related stress
    • 59% cite financial matters as their primary cause of stress
    • 25% experienced sleep deprivation due to financial related stress

    What is Financial Wellbeing?

    Financial wellbeing is how people feel about the control they have over their financial future – and their relationship with money. It’s about focusing on the things that make their life enjoyable and meaningful both now and in the leadup to retirement. Money troubles can hugely impact headspace, focus and ultimately work performance. An Elite Employer will educate their staff on the importance of financial wellbeing.

    Poor financial habits affect physical, mental and social health which in turn impacts overall job performance by reducing concentration and productivity. A link has also been established between financial wellbeing and work based absences (absenteeism).

    The OutThere Financial Wellbeing Programme

    The OutThere Health & Wellbeing Team can deliver a Financial Wellbeing Programme intended to educate employees in a number of ways from courses on managing income to signposting for advice and financial counselling. This education module is not just designed to support employees beginning their career path,  it can help anyone improve their financial wellbeing by creating good money management skills and savings habits. Topics range from general money management, managing debt and improving credit scores, through to saving for the short, medium and long term.

    Stereotypically, there are certain industries and job roles that are more prone to financial wellbeing issues. We work together to ensure employees understand their financial behaviours and how it affects both themselves and those around them. We look at habitual spending and most importantly how to deal with the overpowering expectations of working in a competitive environment.

    Pricing can be provided following a discovery call around head count, employee engagement, retention rates and overall business objectives.
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