This week we’ve encountered:

  • Delivering tough decisions
  • Overcoming challenging behaviours
  • Working to tight deadlines for clients
  • Late night employee relation issues
  • Attending a successful large BD event


We wouldn’t have got through all of these experiences this week, and arrive here on Friday with smiles on our faces without the support of each other.


To deliver tough decisions we made sure that the client’s objectives were at the forefront of our minds, whilst ensuring we were legally compliant and ethically responsible.


In HR we often come across situations in disciplinary and when dealing with under performers where behaviours are challenging.  This week was no different, in an ER case there were raised voices and harsh words said, but with the support of the OutThere team our Consultants were able to remain professional and carry on.


Client needs aren’t 9-5, so nor is our support, we’re available for our clients to follow through cases until they are closed and supporting our people all the way.  Whether it’s a late night meeting or long telephone call to put their mind at ease.


To end this week with meeting a few key people who we already knew from many years ago, personally was the icing on the cake.  We look forward to working with them in the future.


Our OutThere team is undeniable, a Director who comes in for a KIT day within weeks of her maternity leave, such dedication, a Consultant who comes into the office during annual leave to tie up some lose ends, a Consultant who networks over several evenings whilst maintaining emails on their days off.


Why do we do all of this?


For our Director, she leads us, appreciates us with a luxurious meal with champagne, a much needed breakfast to start the day, or a grilled late night meal, before we hit the hay.