Under new plans from Teresa May on 1st October 2018, restaurants will be legally banned from keeping tips from their staff.  Back in 2015 some High Street chains regularly took 10% of tips that were paid by card.  Thankfully many of these restaurants now don’t take any charge at all.

What is my personal view?

I worked for many years as a restaurant waitress whilst at College.   Some weeks there were special events like large functions and weddings, guests would give cash tips to myself and the team.   We were always allowed to keep the money and it was a great way to top up our wages, especially as we would work unsocial hours, such as early breakfast shifts and late night dinner shifts.  I believe the legislation that ensures the tips go to the staff directly is essential.

Where does the tip you leave go?

Tips left in cash on your table or given to a person are legally the property of staff.  They can be kept by the person you give the money to, or they can be put in a pot to share between the team.  These are not the property of the company.

Tips added to a bill or taken from a card belong to the owner of the restaurant and they have no legal duty to hand this money over to the waiting staff.