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Welcome to OutThere

Hello, and thanks for looking us up. We are OutThere, a team of highly experienced and passionate Human Resources Consultants for Surrey based companies and small businesses. We are employee lifecycle experts, and our aim is to elevate companies to ‘elite employer’ status, through our wide range of recruitment, employee wellbeing and HR consultancy services.

Professional Outsourced HR Services for Surrey Businesses

Surrey is a popular place for businesses to be based, thanks to it close proximity to the capital. And whilst property and construction account for a large proportion of the companies based here, new business ventures and existing enterprises are starting to flourish. This means that there is plenty of opportunities for employers and employees alike to grow and prosper.

As HR consultants we offer our services to a wide variety of professional businesses in and around the Essex area. We offer a flexible range of services from ad hoc HR advice to fully-fledged HR departments, business partnering and HR and recruitment strategies. As you would expect, we are people experts and we excel in the area of Employee Wellbeing, which in these challenging times is a growing area of focus for many responsible employers.

Why use OutThere Surrey HR Consultants?

The OutThere team has vast commercial/operational experience and impeccable HR credentials – but that’s a given. What really sets us apart is the unique culture of our business, which encourages positivity, ownership, and a passion for exceeding expectations.

We practice what we preach and have achieved that elusive work-life balance. As a result, you could not meet a team of more dedicated and hard-working professionals. We are also a very amiable bunch and enjoy forging strong relationships with our clients. Basically, we come to work each day to give it our all, and we want to help your employees to do the same.

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What are the Benefits of Outsourcing HR?

Our Surrey based clients are savvy to the fact that it’s their people who are their biggest asset, or at least, they have the potential to be. They know that an investment in their employees’ wellbeing can help them to improve business performance and drive their company forward.

When you work with OutThere, we can help you to achieve business goals such as:

1. Cost and Time-saving

By outsourcing your HR function, you can reduce your headcount and save valuable hours to focus on the needs of your business.

2. Effective Recruitment

We are the recruitment experts and excel at finding the right employees with the right skills to help your company thrive.

3. Staff Retention and Reduced Absenteeism

Simply put, happy employees are engaged and loyal employees. Our Employee Wellbeing services aim to increase morale in your workforce, resulting in reduced absence rates and a lower turnover of staff.

4. Brand Protection

A company’s people can be their biggest advocates – or detractors. Through the implementation of a successful HR strategy and recruitment process, we can help your organisation to protect its good reputation and grow it further through positive word of mouth.

5. Increased Productivity

When employees are engaged with your business objectives, then productivity inevitably increases. OutThere can help you to establish a happy and healthy workplace full of motivated and productive employees.

Additional HR Benefits

In addition to these business benefits, our Surrey based customers enjoy the peace of mind that their HR responsibilities are being taken care of and that they are fully compliant with the relevant legislation. They benefit from having a qualified HR Advisor on call for any immediate advice or concerns, giving them the confidence to deal with any HR issues that arise. We also provide valuable third-party support in difficult scenarios such as disciplinary, settlement agreements and strategic employee exit plans.

HR Services We Provide in Surrey

OutThere is one of the most trusted and acclaimed HR consultancies serving Surrey, and our team of professional consultants has extensive experience across a wide range of HR specialisms. We can deliver tailored, flexible services to fulfil any requirement or budget. Contact us to out how our HR consultants can support your Surrey-based business.

Learning & Development

Learning & Development impacts the overall profit and productivity of any organisation. Employees who are fully confident within their role and given the opportunity for personal development will be more motivated and perform more efficiently. We can work with you to assess any skills gaps within your workforce, and address them by creating and delivering appropriate training.

Allow us to help you devise a strategy to manage the talent within your organisation and deliver L&D solutions to increase productivity. To find out more, see our Learning and Development page or contact us.

If you’re not sure where to start, then we can conduct a thorough HR audit before offering valuable feedback and advice. We also deal with the nuts and bolts of everyday HR administration, giving you back valuable time to manage your business. When it comes to Human Resources in Hampshire, you need look no further than OutThere.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is when an organisation transfers all or part of its permanent hiring to an external provider. As your RPO provider, we can act as an extension of your company’s HR or Resourcing function, and provide an end-to-end hiring solution.

We are recruitment process experts and our services include everything from managing single campaigns, to a fully outsourced internal recruiter. Following a briefing from you, we can manage every stage of the hiring process, including advertising, telephone screening, interviewing, skills assessment and psychometric profiling. We can also deliver numerous onboarding initiatives to ensure that new recruits are engaged from the word go.

Employee Wellbeing

Recent surveys show that 1 in 5 adults take time off from work due to stress, costing employers £70-100 million per year. This shocking statistic is the reason that more and more responsible employers place their staffs’ wellbeing at the heart of their business.

By creating a happy, healthy workplace where employees can thrive, they are rewarded with improved morale and engagement. And as we all know, engagement is essential to performance. We can offer professional advice on mental health at work, provide mental health awareness training, or create and implement an entire Health & Wellbeing Strategy.

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