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In the haste to compete, recruitment agents seem to spend less time screening. 34% of new hires leave within 3 months.

The Recruitment Process Once Over

You may have a recruitment process in place, but with employee attraction and engagement becoming more competitive, are you ahead of the game?

We will highlight areas for improvement, ensure accuracy of hire and strengthen your employer brand, whilst providing you with a more cost and time efficient solutions.

The review of your recruitment systems, processes and practices include:

  • The full cycle from initial vacancy analysis to probation completion
  • What has and has not worked for you historically
  • A fresh pair of eyes and ears from an alternative view point
  • Idea sharing on current topical recruitment related issues
  • What’s trending with companies aiming to be ‘outstanding employers’
  • Recruitment agency/third party terms, conditions and fees
  • Current advertising resources
  • Average cost per hire

Job Profile Analysis

How often do you recruit without re-visiting the job spec; then question why the new hire is not right for your business? Duties, expectations and responsibilities evolve. That’s why it is essential that you are fully aware of the current expectations prior to recruiting.

We can achieve this by conducting an in–depth vacancy analysis to establish the job role in its entirety, the hiring managers expectations as well as the personality profile required of the individual. A salary survey would also be conducted to gage your position within the market and attract the best possible hire.

Candidate Profiling

In an age where decisions must be justified and backed up, psychometric testing contributes a key element of science to an interview process that has often relied on ‘gut feel’ and synergies between a recruiter and interviewee. Personality profiling is common practice and those who use it believe it gives an objective overview of a candidate’s character, strengths, weaknesses and working style.

Applicant Search Technology

Our applicant search technology only markets your vacancy to your EXACT target audience using keyword searches and a postcode location point.
By running a search on your required skill sets and location point, we provide the number of profile matches identified and the anticipated response rate prior to your investment, making it an invaluable tool for your business. Contact us now for a free (no obligation) skill search on your vacancy.

All profile matches identified will be included in a 30-day marketing campaign. Applicants buy into an employer branded vacancy. Typically job board advertising casts a net to the masses and you hope for the best. Whereas the benefits of applicant search technology are:

  • Only suitable candidates apply
  • Time and efficiency gains
  • Ownership of ALL applications
  • Reaching the passive market
  • Workforce planning opportunities
  • Reduction in recruitment costs

Applicant Search Technology can be used in a number of ways:

  • To promote your vacancies reactively
  • To workforce plan and market your future vacancies, enabling you to populate an applicant tracking system
  • To encourage people with transferrable skills to consider joining your business
  • To positively promote your employer brand to your target workforce
  • To conduct surveys to your target workforce
  • To market opendays to your target workforce
  • To directly market your vacancies to local or competitor employers

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Remove your reliance on recruitment agencies and reduce your recruitment spend.

RPO encompasses everything you would expect from a fully branded expert in-house recruitment team. We can manage all or any part of your recruitment process. Advert response management, CV screening, resourcing, interview coordination, feedback, onboarding, pre-employment checks and references for a fraction of your annual recruitment spend. All recruitment activities will be branded as your business. This helps to improve and raise awareness of your employer brand and helps to put you as an employer of choice.

Bespoke Recruitment Strategies

Each business is different. Therefore, each business warrants a different approach to its recruitment strategy. Using our HR and recruitment resources we can partner with you to provide a solution to help achieve your business objectives.

Exit Interviews

Is your current exit interview process conducted by a co-worker? If so this could be nothing more than a box ticking exercise.

When conducted by a 3rd party, we are able to establish exact reasons for leaving, business improvement suggestions, problem people and areas as well as highlighting untapped talent. These findings can be priceless.

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