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    Updates to the OutThere website and HR team

    Our first exciting news, is that our Associate Director, Teresa Riekert had a beautiful baby girl on Friday 26th October. Both mother and baby are doing well. Congratulations to the Riekert family.

    This week we’ve taken on several new vacancies, pleasingly we have multiple part time roles, which we don’t see that often. Head over to our Client Vacancies page on our website for further details.

    Our Director, as were most other Directors, was knee deep in end of the month accounting, but she still managed to enjoy some Halloween mask fun, client management and website updating.

    We’ve been working on various employee handbooks and have welcomed a new retained HR Client who we will be partnering with during their growth plans.

    We are very delighted that the outcome of a recruitment campaign brought 8 successful candidates to our client when they originally only needed 4. A huge well done to Leanne who has been uber efficient in her communications and resourcing for these roles.

    New Outsourced HR Services

    The team have been working on Website updates and launching some new outsourced HR services. Creating our new personal profiles was really rewarding, saying who we are and what we do in our straight talking, approachable OutThere style was hilariously funny. We all spend so much time at work, its extremely healthy to enjoy what we do, and we really do. What do you think of our new about profiles?

    Sam was super excited to learn how to use WordPress and to be able to adapt the website content instantly. What do you think of our new home page? Engage. Train. Retain.

    Have a great weekend to all our Clients and Suppliers OutThere!

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    Sarah Close

    Sarah is the Founder and Managing Director at OutThere. She has a demonstrated history of working in the Executive Search, People Strategy and Human Resources space. To talk to Sarah, please call or complete our website contact form.

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    OutThere is an HR and Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company. We provide access to great HR, Recruitment and Training Talent that is not necessarily required or affordable to businesses on a full time basis.

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