You’ve noticed that one of your senior managers has been exhausted and run down lately, but when the email pops into your inbox to confirm their resignation, what do you do next?  They are your top talent, they’ve been with the Company for over a decade, how crippling would it be to let all of their Company specific knowledge and experience walked out of the door?  Then stop them!


Here at OutThere we suggest 5 survival tips to save your top talent:

Challenge if they are overworked Can you reduce the volume of work, look at automating more processes, appoint an assistant or deputy for support, offer a quieter desk for concentrated working away from open planned offices, redistribute work amongst others in the team


Do they perceive they are lowly paid or benefits are insufficient Review their pay against other like for like senior managers, is it their base pay that is perceived to be low or are any bonuses/commissions unrealistic or now out of date, review it against market rate in the local area – we can help you with obtaining salary surveys for various roles.  Just email us What benefits are they getting, ask them what they would like to receive, you’ll be surprised how a relatively inexpensive benefit could be enough to retain them


Have they mentioned there is a lack of promotion or development What are their career paths internally, are there ways they can develop sideways as well as upwards, could they take on more responsibility in different areas or manage more or less staff to develop any gaps in their experience.  At OutThere we can design talent retention plans to align with your business growth objectives.  Look at our HR services here ->


Does the Work life balance need addressing Are they starting too early and finishing late, or always logging on from home on their days off, if yes then they do not have the capacity to complete what is expected from them in the time given.  Are they spending quality time with their family, eating healthily and getting enough sleep.  For Senior Managers a day at home once a week to catch up with communications and deliver on projects could ease workload and reset the work life balance.

We have some superb training sessions for Managers, which refresh their knowledge.  Enquire about a course today


Raised an issue of conflict with employees There will always be employees who don’t get on and even in Management there are times when measures need to be put in place to deal with conflict.  Weekly support, open, honest communication and focusing on work issues rather than personal differences will ensure conflict is minimised.  We offer a bespoke Conflict Management course, to equip Managers with tools and techniques.  Contact us today to talk about your people issues 023 9200 8680.