Photograph: MoD/Crown Copyright/PA

What do you think of the Army ‘new recruits’ advertising posters and TV adverts?

Have they hit the nail on the head to attract 16-25 year olds?

Being a mum of 3 boys myself, the future possibility of my sons joining the forces will always be something I will consider.

I believe it instils discipline, boosts self esteem, confidence and independence.  I can relate to some of the advert titles for this generation.

‘Binge gamers’ and ‘phone zombies’ are very relevant names today, with my eldest son just approaching his teenage years, he maximises his phone for communicating socially, for homework, for music and videos, reference apps, learning instruments, information gathering and shopping just to name a few!

Mobile phones have become a way of life and for some its already an addictive part of their life.

Gaming is also very tempting for the younger generation, with the introduction of online gaming, the children feel more involved and therefore stay playing for longer as their friends are all online.

Personally, I think this advertising is clever, with catchy headlines and I agree with the Army that using new technology, can harness specific skills, such as problem solving, speed, spatial awareness, hand to eye co-ordination and to tap into this generation for their new recruits is a very ‘smart’ way of advertising.

Samantha Seymour, Senior HR Consultant, OutThere RPO.