This week at OutThere we proved that a client with multiple vacancies and a set budget could achieve their goal of recruiting within just 4 weeks for less than £1k.  So how did we do it?


Firstly we know our client very well, we’ve experienced being a customer and using their product and we’ve had 1-2-1 discussions with staff so know exactly what it’s like to work there.

When we created the job profile it was easy to attract the ideal candidate as we know what would fit – simple!

This resulted in a great response to our advert and we were blown away with choice, so an Assessment Centre was the perfect way to shortlist numerous candidates in preparation for them meeting the Managers.

Our response time back to the candidates was quick and we managed to secure 8 candidates for the positions, when they required just 4.

Providing double the amount of candidates has meant that the client can now flex their rota to offer different shifts to the candidates and be able to scale up the staffing in the peak times and scale down when it is quieter.


If you have a fixed budget and multiple roles that you want to recruit, don’t struggle – just engage OutThere?