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    What kind off applicant are you? A Scanner or an Observant? Read the small print.  OR ELSE!

    When applying for a job do you always read the advert in full before responding?

    Do you follow all instructions that the advert requires of you?

    If your answer to these questions is yes, then well done you, you’re well on the way to being shortlisted. However, If the answer is no, do you understand the consequences?  In this day and age failure to follow instructions at this stage will more than likely place you in the thanks but no thanks pile.

    If you were a hiring manager receiving hundreds of applications for a single vacancy and a high volume of applicants had not taken the time to follow the requests of the advert, would you be keen to have them working on your team and risk wasting valuable time including them in the selection process? Most managers would say no; this is because a manager is not just looking for relevant skills and experience but someone that is going to be reliable, keen and able to follow clear instructions. They are looking for these qualities from the off set and this kind of criteria is becoming more common and an important part of the selection process.

    As an applicant the request to write a covering letter may seem like an annoyance and a waste of time but no less a waste of time as it is for a hiring manager screening applicants that do not adhere to simple requests.

    Look at it as the perfect chance to show some personality.

    Next time you find yourself scanning.  STOP.

    Wishing you all, the very best outcome with your job applications.

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    Sarah Close

    Sarah is the Founder and Managing Director at OutThere. She has a demonstrated history of working in the Executive Search, People Strategy and Human Resources space. To talk to Sarah, please call or complete our website contact form.

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