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Job Applications… I Sent My CV But I Never Heard Back

not heard back from job application

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    Make sure you meet the criteria of the job application

    When recruiting I always strive to ‘do the right thing’ First impressions go a long way in my book. With confidence I can say that all job applications submitted through my business are dealt with professionally, efficiently and give a positive experience and perception of my clients.  We do this because failure to respond can give the candidate a bad impression of the hiring Company and our Industry.

    For some candidates in the job search process, each job application is of great importance. For others it’s a means to keeping the Job Centre at bay by ticking the boxes for proactive job searching.

    Recently I have struggled with this ‘best practice’ that I have always been an advocate of.  I place a job advert, a very clear and well written job advert. It states my requirements, defined criteria in relation to qualifications, experience and the vacancy management processes I will be following. I receive many job applications taking up valuable time and attention CV sifting.

    What I find is that over 75% of applications lack the skill, experience and criteria I have requested in my job advert.

    Try not to waste time for the HR department

    I appreciate why some companies elect to have a standard assumption of unsuitability statement at the foot of a job advert. However, this still doesn’t help the genuine jobseeker gain feedback regarding suitability or CV presentation. Is this fair on the employer/agent dealing with the job applications? More importantly is this fair on the applicants that are relevant applications for the role and end up hidden amongst the box tickers?

    When making every effort to improve perceptions of our industry this leaves me asking the question; what is acceptable vacancy management etiquette? If an application received does not respect the request of previous experience is essential, would it be wrong not to reply?

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