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Everybody works best when they can focus on what they’re good at. That’s why our HR Support Services help build great teams, so that you can focus on building an amazing business.

We want to see our clients grow from strength to strength. We help with this by taking away all of those HR headaches, whether that’s making sure you’re compliant, developing best-in-class onboarding and training schemes, or dealing with some of the hard stuff.

Outsourced HR Services

Ad-hoc advice through to fully outsourced HR Services

We are experienced in the complete range of HR support services.
Whether you need staff recruitment, talent development or are looking for a cultural change within your organisation, we can be your trusted partner.

Employee Relations is at the core of any business – ensuring that people are valued, engaged and accountable. Whether things are going well or badly, this can take valuable time and productivity away from key employees. It’s not just the basics – having legally compliant contracts and documentation – but ensuring that best practices are in place throughout your organisation.

We can provide ad-hoc assistance through to a fully outsourced Employee Relations Management Team. We can work together to develop your internal processes and policies, and manage employee relations on your behalf.

It is essential that your Business and HR strategies align to give your business a competitive advantage. We partner with C-Level and Directors to create and implement HR strategies that work in harmony with your business goals.

Strategic HR/Business Partnering is carried out as an annual project, mapped for the following year and reviewed monthly.

The ghastly yet super important task of the “evidenced paper trail”.

As an SME or micro business, this commonly sits at the bottom of your to do list. We have the resources to take HR Administration off of your hands. The HR Administration support you need is OutThere!

Our HR Services for small businesses are ideal for owners who wear all the “operational hats”.

We talk a lot about the Employee Lifecycle.

Good HR Support isn’t just about dealing with things that go wrong. It’s everything from making your recruitment process exceptional, onboarding people professionally, training and developing them throughout their employment, and then managing their departure with minimal impact on them or your business.

Fancy making your workplace awesome?

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employee lifecycle audit

Engage us to do a deep dive into your HR practices. We get to know your culture, you get to see how we work.

work with us

Whether you retain us for ad-hoc advice, or outsource your entire HR function, we’d love to work with you.

how do we work?

The Employee Lifecycle Audit

Before we get to work, we need to get to know each other. We need to understand your values, your culture and your ways of working. You need to know how we work and what our HR support services can offer.

The starting point for this is the Employee Lifecycle Audit. This lasts around a day and covers current skills, recruitment strategy, HR processes, documentation, onboarding, line management, retention, reward and recognition.

We cover the basics (Transactional)

We explore all of your HR documentation with a fine-tooth comb. Typically, this includes:

  • Contract of Employment, Employee Handbook and HR template documentation.
  • Review of HR Software and Systems.
  • Spot-check of employee files to establish compliance levels.

We also cover the strategic (Transformational)

1-2-1 sessions with Business Owners, Directors, Line Managers, New Starters. These help us understand every element of your ethos, vision and Employee Lifecycle – key to establishing where, as a HR Partner, we can add value. Each session can last up to an hour, preferably back-to-back to ensure consistency and effective time management.

The output of this piece of work is a prioritised project plan that we can use as a basis of future work, should you decide to engage with us longer term.

Our HR Audit is an ideal first step for organisations looking to outsource their HR or upgrade their existing HR function.

The HR Help Desk

Direct access to a complete HR Department, whenever you need it

Our HR Help Desk service gives you direct access to our team of experienced HR Consultants.

It is often viewed as a Sounding Board – a safe space to vent, discuss employee relations, check internal polices, and is your lifeline to sense check anything you need in a hurry. It is invaluable part of our HR Services for small businesses; giving you confidence that you are working in line with current legislation and best practice.

With this service you can also flex up with additional support for on-site/virtual attendance at Grievance, Disciplinary, Capability and Performance Management meetings, and we provide unlimited access to our HR Document Library.

Our HR Helpdesk/Sounding Board is NOT a faceless service of random professionals that have no visibility of your company culture and values. All of our Help Desk contracts start with, ensuring that we fully understand you and your values before we start offering you advice and HR support.

Based round a 12 month fixed rate contract, Our HR Sounding Board/HR Helpdesk is ideal for organisations that employee people but have minimal HR presence.

The Fully Outsourced HR Department

Your own, fully formed HR Department, just a click away...

We can provide you with your very own, fully outsourced HR department, delivering your HR Vision.

Based around the findings from the audit, we will deliver everything you would expect from a fully integrated HR department. Whether it’s managing your recruitment, getting your documentation up to date, dealing with employee relations, or simply being at the end of the phone. We provide your leaders with instant access to a complete range of HR support services. 

Working on-site and remotely – whatever combination suits you best –  we ensure your HR Relations are on-point, with the ultimate objective of helping you achieving Elite Employer status.

Partnering with OutThere allows you to access HR talent that can support with all aspects of our HR support services. You can pick and choose from any level of HR professional, Internal Recruiter, Employee Health & Wellbeing, Learning & Development and Health & Safety professional, for an agreed monthly fee.

Our Fully Outsourced HR Department is NOT a reactive, transactional HR Team. Our mission is to partner only with companies that strive for Elite Employer status.

Our Fully Outsourced HR Department is ideal for organisations that wish to explore and improve upon existing employment experience.

Strategic HR Partnering

It is essential that your business and HR strategies align. This will ensure success and give your business the competitive advantage. We partner with C-Level and Directors to create and implement HR strategies that work in harmony with your overall business goals. Strategic HR/Business Partnering is an Annual project piece that is mapped for the following year and reviewed monthly.

Examples of Strategic HR activities include:

  • Organisation – Structure & Development
  • Change Management
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Workforce & Succession Planning
  • Reward, Wellbeing, Employee Engagement
  • Skill Gaps Analysis – Learning & Development opportunities
  • Settlement Agreements

Our Strategic HR/Business Partnering is ideal for organisations of any size that believe in the planning!

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