logo-web-534-retinaOutThere RPO recently completed a project with a national employer who always struggled to recruit the volumes and calibre of employees that they required. The task for us was to discover the ‘what’s and why’s’. The research highlighted that there was in fact a large pool of talent ideal for the roles that were not applying; when screened and benchmarked against the existing workforce this pool had equal if not greater skills and experience than what was already within the business. The fundamental reason this pool of talent were not employed or considered; was the required working hours did not suit their lifestyles. For varying reasons such as childcare, education, additional employment commitments as well as hobbies and interests, this pool of talent did not apply.

The main discovery from the research was that flexibility with working hours would open the gates to this untapped talent. Not only would the skills and experience of this pool be a priceless asset but also the unanimous verdict was that commitment levels from this pool would improve overall attendance and retention, as lets face it a minority of businesses are considering this flexibility.

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