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Christmas is nearly here – how do you reward your team?

how to reward staff at christmas

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    Christmas is the perfect time of year to reward your team, here are our top 10 ideas:

    1. Leaving early – what better gift than time off to get ahead of your Christmas shopping
    2. Proper 2 week break – Christmas time is generally a wind down for businesses and its so important for families to be together
    3. Luxury gift – if its a small business your team will appreciate a spa day out or posh meal and dance with or without partners to suit
    4. Gift vouchers – for larger companies giving this present which can be spent in several high street stores is a clever way to individualise presents
    5. Night out – If drinking out with your team is your thing, money behind the bar for drinks or food is a lovely way to say thank you
    6. Christmas Eve food – for some companies who have to work Christmas eve, buying in food for lunch, dressing down in Christmas jumpers and playing music can make work far more jolly
    7. Company present – if your business is in retail, buying luxury hampers for your team is a generous way of showing your appreciation
    8. Flexibility – for working parents, being able to come in later or pop off to watch their children’s Christmas plays and carol services without logging it as holiday, is a gift that would be gratefully received
    9. Organised event – there are an abundance of interesting parties that you can join, murder mystery nights, cocktail making and salsa dancing.  The choice is yours.
    10. Team lunch – You’re all together at work, so why not enjoy a Christmas turkey meal out rather than sandwiches at your desk, a quick browse around the shops afterwards is a must too!

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