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Case Study - Sleep.8

Sleep8 Case Study

The Company

Sleep.8 is a company which found its origins in London. In 2019 they opened their first store in Lisbon, and in only 3 short years they managed to open 36 new stores across 8 European countries including Portugal, Spain and the UK among others.

Their brand’s mission is to empower shoppers to focus on their own physical and mental wellbeing and get their optimal 8 hours of sleep, every night.

With such rapid growth, Sleep.8 needed a trusted HR partner to help bring the best people onboard and build a highly effective team.

The Challenge

As a relatively small company, Sleep.8 had limited internal HR resource. With high levels of growth being planned, the systems for managing the HR needs would need to be developed, and the directors were keen to ensure that they were compliant with current legislation moving forwards.

High growth obviously means high levels of recruitment – it was important that new team members fitted in with the company ethos, and added complimentary skills/attributes into the current teams.

The Approach

To properly support Sleep.8’s growth plans, we worked together to plan a strategic approach to building their business.

We quickly embarked on a full business start-up process, reviewing and creating policy, process and procedure documents, and implementing a HR Software System to manage documentation, benefits and leave.

At the same time, we worked with Sleep.8 to create a recruitment and on-boarding strategy that would ensure that new recruits fitted in and thrived as part of this ambitious company.

The Solution

We became a full 360 business partner covering not only HR process but also the recruitment for new stores opening in the London area. Over time, we helped transform the recruitment and development of staff at Sleep.8. Projects that we have completed include:

  • New employment terms, contracts, handbook, systems and processes.
  • Job Descriptions for all roles within the business.
  • A purposeful Induction and Onboarding programme.
  • Success planners for Week 1 / Week 4 / Month 3 and Month 6.
  • Promotion planning to ensure that we train and retain key staff.
  • Management Training.

The Results

OutThere brought the company from a Zero HR presence to a position of a fully functional remote HR Department. 

Sleep.8’s expansion plan foresees the opening of further stores nationally and internationally, marking a new era for the group. We look forward to working with them on transformational projects that go hand in hand with their continued growth.

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