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The Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

the benefits of recruitment process outsourcing

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    RPO has seen rapid growth over the past few years. This trend is reflective of employers wanting to take back control. RPO ensures: Consistency of the recruiting process, the right talent being secured and onboarded in line with company culture and the financial advantages are cost reduction and a “Managed Cost” versus the erratic peaks, troughs and high fees of a traditional recruitment firm. RPO allows total budget control.

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is when a business transfers all or part of its recruitment strategy to an external provider (RPO firm), acting as part of the internal operational HR function and supporting multiple departments. The RPO specialist provides a holistic service throughout the selection process, from vacancy to onboarding.

    As an RPO provider, OutThere couldn’t be more passionate about the candidate experience. RPO providers to an extent are same same (but different), so finding a particular company and the right hiring partner is all part of the journey.

    There are many RPO firms to choose from. Our top tip is to look beyond the financials and ensure the right culture fit. With all that considered RPO is an ideal solution.

    Your very own talent acquisition function and recruitment team, with extensive knowledge of hiring activities, recruitment process and “job boards” management, will help you gain a competitive advantage and make your business thrive.

    What is recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)?

    At OutThere, we’re often asked exactly what RPO entails, and the answer is – a great deal! Modern RPO services are comprehensive, with good providers offering a tailored solution to attracting quality talent that will meet each client’s needs.

    Whether you choose an RPO solution to achieve your recruiting capacity and deliver against your entire recruiting strategy, or if your hiring volumes are less frequent, an ad hoc talent acquisition function can cater for your hiring needs.

    OutThere, or your chosen provider, will work with your hiring managers throughout the entire recruiting process, which typically looks like this.

    Vacancy briefings with hiring managers

    The most important stage of the process! Your RPO provider will gather all of the detail required to conduct the search for the best talent, whilst fully immersing themselves in your company and culture. As opposed to traditional recruitment agencies, RPO firms will ‘white label’ themselves acting as an extension of your brand.

    Attraction and candidate searching

    Your RPO providers have access to the latest Recruitment Search technologies and are adept at using social media to find you top talent. They will support you with recruitment advertising that stands out and enhances your employer brand.

    Candidate screening

    Your internal recruiter will work with your hiring manager to assess candidate quality, by conducting skills assessments and psychometric profiling.

    This will include an appraisal of candidates’ ‘soft skills’, ie. non-technical traits and attributes, such as critical thinking. Combined, these assessments will determine each candidate’s fit for both the role and your brand.

    Interview support

    Your RPO specialist will help with diary co-ordination, telephone screening and attend face to face interviews if required.

    Onboarding activities

    Ensuring your new hires are engaged from the outset, it’s vital to implement an onboarding strategy. At OutThere, we believe that onboarding activities should scale the entire probation period. Providing check in points for your new hire, will ensure their expectations have been met.

    Ongoing support and analysis

    A good RPO provider will deliver weekly vacancy reports and maintain applicant tracking systems. They will be proactive in shaping your ongoing recruitment strategy, conducting workforce planning activities and providing valuable analysis for ongoing development.

    Recruitment process outsourcing benefits

    For thousands of UK employers, RPO has proved to be a minimal risk hiring process with many benefits. By working with an experienced hiring partner such as OutThere, you can reap the rewards of extensive HR knowledge and expertise.

    Key benefits of recruitment process outsourcing:

    Reduced time to hire

    RPO can reduce lengthy hiring processes and get the right candidates in the right roles more efficiently. Not only does this minimise costs, it ensures that the best talent does not get away.

    Improved quality of talent

    An RPO provider is not measured on bums on seats. They are measured on success and retention.

    Cost effectiveness

    Your RPO team will help you achieve a firmer grasp on your hiring budget, with no unexpected costs.

    Brand growth and protection

    As an extension of your company, an RPO specialist will fully immerse themselves in your brand. They will act as a positive ambassador at every interaction, sharing your values and ensuring a positive application experience

    Staff retention

    Protect staff retention with an onboarding strategy, the risk of a new hire becoming disengaged is far greater if an onboarding strategy is not implemented.

    Compliance and process improvement

    You can be rest assured that the nuts and bolts of compliance and non compliant recruitment practices are taken care of by an RPO expert.

    Is outsourcing recruitment right for my business?

    There are many indicators that your business may be ready for an RPO solution. Most obviously that it’s struggling to manage demand or that recruiting costs are vague, or worse, out of control.

    Some businesses turn to RPO when retention becomes an issue, or if the constant stream of quality candidates runs dry. Many organisations do not have the data or analysis therefore resulting in a difficult task to address their recruitment issues, or indeed, the resource.

    If any of this resonates with you and your business, then going down the RPO route could be a wise investment.


    What is the difference between RPO and BPO?

    BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing, refers to the external outsourcing of business tasks such as telesales, lead generation, marketing and payroll. RPO is a specialism in its own right, focusing on the screening and recruitment process, carried out by experienced recruiters, or in OutThere’s case our recruiters are all HR qualified.

    What is the difference between RPO and recruitment agencies?

    Traditional agencies are paid upon fulfilment of a vacancy. With that model corners are cut. Agencies are not paid until someone starts. Therefore typically speed is of the essence. The more CV’s submitted the greater chance of securing a fee!

    RPO providers take a more process driven approach, ensuring the client only sees the best candidates and not focussed on getting candidates over quickly. It’s a cost effective recruitment process that provides support throughout the entire recruitment and hiring cycle, from the search through to the onboarding phase with the ultimate objective of securing better talent.

    As opposed to recruitment agencies, RPO specialists act as your company and protect your employer brand. They will also provide regular analysis and real time reporting to aid future progress, and undertake proactive workplace planning to support your recruiting strategy.

    Contact OutThere about RPO

    If you are ready to take advantage of professional HR expertise and reduced recruiting costs, then the right support is OutThere. Our highly qualified team can help you to recruit smarter and support your business in achieving its goals.

    Get in touch to discuss your recruitment needs and our RPO models. We do appreciate that no two businesses are the same and offer tailored RPO services to meet your specific needs.

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