A balancing act: Clients versus Candidates

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It’s a balance between Clients versus Candidates

So all month we’ve been blogging about Recruitment and the successes we’ve encountered along the way, with our OutThere one price for multiple candidates offering.
Today we’d like to share with you the delicate balance we’ve been juggling with, every day this week.

Balance 1             Our clients want:

  • Advertising a job on Monday morning
  • fresh candidate CVs quickly within 2 days
  • candidates that are ready for face to face interviews by the end of the week
  • candidates that have short notice periods to start the following week
  • In summary Clients want SPEED and QUANTITY and QUALITY


Balance 2             Our candidates want:

  • candidates have to apply for jobs quickly mostly via apps on their phone, without having had adequate quiet time to select their preferred job
  • they apply to many jobs in the hope that they get a call back from their top 3
  • they want to know the history of the client, why is there a vacancy, it is position stable?
  • candidates have to answer our calls in their lunch breaks or after work when they’re busy with their families
  • they have to take holiday or work time back in order to attend interviews
  • they then must wait further for a decision about a 2nd interview
  • at 2nd interview candidates have to endure a more thorough screening, normally a presentation or delivery
  • finally by week 3 of the process the candidate may hear the great news that they got the job!
  • In summary Candidates want TIME TO DECIDE, CHOICE, FEELING OF WORTH and to be VALUED


We understand how to strike the right balance between Clients and Candidates, call us today on 023 9200 8680 or on info@outthererpo.wpengine.com or contact us here to see how our recruitment packages will save you TIME and MONEY.


Challenges we’ve faced:


Be honest – It’s a tough sales role with big targets to meet.  We tell the candidates what the working environment is like, what targets should achieve to ensure that they can fulfil the role. No surprises, honesty is the best policy. Having a new starter leave within the first few weeks is no good to anyone.


Straight talking – Every Director has their own managing style, it represents the vision. The client must select interviewers that reflect the types of candidates they want to attract to ensure a positive company fit.  We explain to our clients that to achieve a vibrant workforce the interviewers must adopt the same ethos.


Expectations – When we recruit multiple roles for a client, daily candidate progress updates are essential.  Candidates can find other roles quickly, so if there are a few candidates that are available and are a close match, we recommend our clients meet them quickly and not wait until the advert closing date.


Inter company links – We appointed 3 retail assistants this week, and as soon as their verbal offer was confirmed, the Recruitment team passed the candidate’s details straight to HR to send out their offer letter and contract and get them set up on payroll.  This seamless service = smooth induction.


Bi-Lingual clients – Don’t get lost in translation.  Communication is crucial, detailed information must be by email, confirming short information by phone and to really get to grips with what your clients need, a personal visit on site is always a nice touch .


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Sarah Close
Sarah Close

Sarah is the Founder and Managing Director at OutThere. She has a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry. To Talk to Sarah, please call or complete our website contact form.

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