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7 Best Vacancy Marketing Techniques

7 Best Vacancy Marketing Techniques

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    Vacancy Marketing

    You’re clear about your Employer Brand, you’ve developed a strong Role Description. You now need to get this in front of the right candidates through Vacancy Marketing.

    Like most things, recruitment has seen huge online development over the last 10 years. Some of the old methods of recruiting still apply – job fairs, direct approaches, networking – but there are now many more ways to get in front of people who may be right for the job.

    Here are the 7 best ways that you can approach Vacancy Marketing in the current digital age.

    Specific skill set searching

    Experienced recruitment process outsourcing companies will have a database of potential candidates. This can be cross-matched against the skill sets that you need and a list of potential candidates to approach can be at arms reach. LinkedIn also gives the opportunity to search for people with the skills you need, along with other social media sites, which can then be incorporated into your direct approaches.

    Proactively approaching your competitor’s employees

    According to Remote, the 2022 UK Employee Turnover Rate was 33.6%, predicted to rise to 35.6 in 2023. That’s a lot of people looking for jobs! Finding and contacting competitor’s employees directly can be a daunting task, and one that, if done directly, can get very uncomfortable. This really is where outsourcing recruitment pays dividends. Finding disgruntled people who would love to work for your company is what they do, and pays dividends in terms of successfully filling roles.

    Internal Employee Referral Schemes

    Like most things in business, your staff are your best asset. Offering cash payments to anybody who introduces somebody is a great method of vacancy marketing, and each of applicant comes pre-qualified; after all, who wants to introduce somebody totally unsuitable to work alongside them?

    Social Media Posting

    Hopefully your business has a strong online presence. Many people interested in your sector will be following these, and will naturally see any jobs being posted, or even tell their friends if a job is suitable for people they know. Posting in Groups that you are a member of (if the rules allow) or specific recruitment groups will also get your vacancy in front of the right people.

    Networking Sites

    LinkedIn has a very strong recruitment site, particularly good for professional roles, and is becoming the go-to place for people looking for a job-change. Other platforms, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and so on can all be valuable depending on your company profile and the role that is available. You need to establish your target demographic and where they are likely to be spending their screen time and use that platform to get in front of them.

    Job Sites

    There are many Job Sites out there. If you’re not already signed up to them, look for companies who offer packages to get your ad on the main sites. Make sure you do your homework on these – check out the types of role that they are advertising and focus on the sites that align more closely with your specific piece of recruitment.

    Job Fairs

    Sector and role specific job fairs – either in person or virtual – can be a good recruiting ground. If you are going to use these, you need to fully commit and make your presence at Job Fairs a regular occurrence. You will be directly competing against other companies who have a lot of experience going to these – getting your pitch right and working out the best fairs to go to will take time and perseverance.

    These complement the more traditional channels such as:

    Your Website

    Although people may not initally find the job that you’re advertising on your website, it will encourage them if it is there when they research your company, and feed into that feeling of professionalism and efficiency that you are trying to portray.

    Internal Advertising

    Your current staff may be (and probably are, according to the statistics) looking for a new role and personal development.  Demonstrating that you are an employer that provides a career path and progression plan is a great way to retain valuable people. You can also encourage them to share within their own network resulting in a direct application.

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is where a company outsources the entire process from vacancy marketing, candidate sourcing through to fulfilment and onboarding. This is different to simple recruiting. A good RPO company will take time to properly understand your company and team dynamics, and will want to build a long term relationship so that they can continually improve their service – getting to know what works and what doesn’t in your particular situation. Combined with their experience gained over many years working with other organisations, this can greatly support your internal HR function.

    Consistency is the key to success in Vacancy Marketing

    Success depends on achieving the right mix of these channels, nailing your message and being consistent with your employee attraction strategy.

    Although it can seem straightforward, outsourcing your Vacancy Marketing is one of those things that can be a massive saver of time and money – giving the task to people who are experienced and doing this day-in, day-out will result in a faster and more successful campaign.

    Take a look at our Recruitment Process Outsourcing services to see where we can add value.

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