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Sarah Close

Founder and Director


Sarah's Biography

During my career I have covered many aspects of recruitment and HR from a Recruitment Consultant, to a Recruitment Agency Director and as a hiring manager to a business owner. I have lead many high volume recruitment projects, managed target specific search campaigns, designed and delivered induction programmes and assessment centres, implemented recruitment strategies and selection processes in line with HR objectives, as well as conducting my fair share of interviews.
I see a huge opportunity for positive changes within my industry and believe we are already making progress.


Nik Miller

Lead Trainer


Nik's Biography

I am accredited with level 4 NVQ in Learning and Development. My strengths are in the design of training material.  Originating as a call centre Sales Manager my skills in team and individual motivation and successful performance development led my career path in the direction of Internal Recruitment Strategy and Learning and Development.   I have designed and implemented numerous Assessment Centres and Company Induction Programmes and assisted existing Team Managers with developing themselves and their departments. With my experience as an internal recruiter for volume hire campaigns and externally as a recruitment consultant, I gained a full circle understanding of obstacles faced by employers and agencies. My knowledge and experience within equality and diversity spans the full cycle of candidate attraction through to HR functionalities. I met with OutTheres’ Director Sarah Close early on in my career, as a client of hers. Her desire, understanding and passion for an effective and industry cleansed process was a clear match to mine. It was through this shared passion that I decided to be a part of this incredibly exciting opportunity so that I could add value and support to company’s currently struggling to manage their internal recruitment, HR and training.


Leanne McGinty

Lead HR Consultant


Leanne's Biography

Over the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of working within a variety of industries from public sector, not for profit to private and corporate environments all offering their own unique HR challenges; allowing me to gain first hand invaluable experiences. Throughout this period I have ensured my continued professional development and am CIPD qualified and have gained an MSc in Human Resource Management.

The experience I have gained in all industries has meant that I have dealt with many complex employee relations cases and lead various projects including absence management, internal recruitment, reward, TUPE, redundancy and created and implemented robust and workable policies and procedures. I have a personal interest and passion for talent management and ensuring that businesses have the right people in them; a company’s key resource is their human resources.


Laura Bowyer

Employment Law Consultant

laura bowyer

Laura's Biography

Laura Bowyer, our chosen Employment Law Consultant has worked in the legal sector for many years, As well as being a specialist in her field, Laura is an Accredited Workplace Mediator and can provide legal representation at Employment Tribunals.

Laura has successfully handled a variety of employment law, mediation and escalated HR cases. Tribunals attended to date have covered all aspects of employment law including Unfair Dismissal, Discrimination, TUPE and contract disputes.

Laura shares OutThere’s clear and straight talking approach, coupled with our passion for care, attention to detail and always going the extra mile.


A Word from the Founder


Having spent 15 years in the recruitment industry progressing from Consultant to Director level, I have not only seen the perception and reputation of my chosen industry crumble, but I have personally witnessed a distinct change. Recruitment Agencies were once delivering a consultative service to HR on advertising, screening and interviewing with accurate placement outcomes. Now they feel like a conveyor belt of sales calls, bulk CV submissions, interview targets and bums on seats. Leaving a huge void and lack of trust between HR and recruitment agents. What went wrong?

In the haste to submit a CV before the competitor, a keyword skill search on a job board replaced matching and the screening process became hollow. In my opinion this paired with recruitment activity targets is what gave the industry a cut throat reputation of ‘seeing what sticks’.

I couldn’t leave an industry I love, but I could offer an alternative. It was time to evolve, harmonise and re-build those bridges, as lets face it HR and recruitment MUST work hand in hand and in line with the business and its people strategy.

We give SME’s on demand and retained access to great HR, Recruitment, and Training talent that would not necessarily be affordable on a full time basis.

We give volume hirers the tools to remove their reliance on recruitment agencies and improve internal recruitment strategies by bringing recruitment in-house or providing an outsourced internally branded recruitment service.

How we see it… We’re all in business to make profit. If we can assist or train you to get your hiring and retention right whilst keeping your spending down, we are positively contributing to the success of your business and the future of our economy.

Whether you are looking to outsource all or part of your HR practices and recruitment processes, reviewing your internal recruitment strategies or thinking of bringing recruitment in-house OutThere the HR and Internal Recruitment Strategists can help.

If you’d like to discuss any of our services, please do get in touch. Myself, or a member of my management team will be on hand to help you further.



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